At Factwise Writing Bureau, our main aim is to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. Our refund policy assures the customer that we will strive to make sure that they get their money’s worth when they place an order with us. Under the following conditions, we will credit the client’s account with the amount paid within 72 hours of raising a complaint, which they will redeem for future use.

Order Cancellation

When the customer cancels the order before it is assigned to a writer

Erroneous Payment

When the customer makes a double payment or an over-payment

No Writer for a Paper

When there is no writer for the paper.


In the unlikely event that the paper is submitted to the customer extremely late and is no longer needed.


Factwise Writing Bureau employs only competent, well-experienced writers, thus the originality of your paper is guaranteed. Additionally, we use plagiarism-checkers to confirm that the paper is, indeed, plagiarism-free.

We use Plagscan, Plagiarism Detector, and Turnitin to ascertain the originality of the papers submitted to our clients. The software check for similarities between the submitted paper and online sources such as books, websites, and journals. They can also reveal similarities between the paper and other papers.

If you have doubts about the originality of the paper, please alert us. In the rare event that the paper is found to be plagiarized, we will take measures to rectify it. Claims of plagiarism should be supported with a copy of the document that has been run through Plagscan, Plagiarism Detector, or Turnitin. We do not recognize any other plagiarism-checking software.


Factwise Writing Bureau is highly rated in the custom-writing market. We take pride in consistently providing top-quality papers and content to our clients. In case the client is not satisfied with our writing services, they have the right to request unlimited revisions under the following criteria:

1. The revision request does not contain any additional instructions.

2. The revision request is received within 7 days of submitting and/or approving the order.

3. The revision request is communicated to Factwise Writing Bureau through the appropriate channels, such as our email, website live chat, a phone call, or WhatsApp channel.

4. The client should give us a minimum of 6 hours to complete the revision. We will provide a new writer if the client specifically requests a change of writers.


Factwise Writing Bureau is committed to ensuring that the site is used appropriately by both writers and clients. A Code of Conduct provides the guidelines, rules, and regulations that facilitate the proper use of the site. The violation of the code of conduct will lead to disciplinary action.


I will not use Factwise Writing Bureau to channel illegally acquired funds

I will not engage in fraudulent activities

I will not open multiple accounts


I will not disclose client information

I will respect confidentiality


I will communicate with users through the official website features, such as email, chat, or WhatsApp.

I will not ask Factwise users for their private contact details.

Personal Conduct

I will adhere fully to Factwise policies

I will be transparent in my dealings with Factwise users

My actions will always be ethical

I will not outsource the work I receive from a client to other freelancers

I will not bid for work that I am incapable of handling

I will not harass other users

User Content

I will take full responsibility for the content I post on the Site

I will not post offensive material

I will not make defamatory statements or post defamatory content

I will not post content that contains malware or perform any action that is intended to harm the Site

I will not post content that affects the credibility of the website

I will not post content that infringes on any intellectual property rights.


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